How to use G28 and G30 (was: Setting $28 and $30)

So I did it once but can’t repeat it…I thought I wrote it down but can’t find it…

How do you set $28 and $30 to positions on the x-Carve? When I set $28 to be my 0.0 on a multi-bit carve the carve looks great… but I can’t figure out how to set it again…

Thanks in advance for my stupidity…


After you set your XYZ location, go to the drop down menu to: machine; advance; machine inspector. and type: g28.1 and hit enter. Same thing for g30. After you set it, just go to the same line and type g28 or g30 without the 1 and it should go to the assigned location. I haven’t done this in a while but I’m pretty sure that’s how I used to do it. I hope that helps!

Thanks, that worked like a charm… I haven’t mastered the bit change with out moving the 611 so I am using g28… that way I can home then g28 back to 0,0,0.

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G28 and G30 require a homing sequence first.
Then jog the machine to your intended G28 parking position, press CTRL+SHIFT+D and write G28.1 in the Console window, followed by Enter
For G30 do the same, jog to intended position and write G30.1 + Enter.

So whenever you rehome the machine ($H) or Unlock with homing in Easel the parking spots remain consistent.

Work zero work in the same way as all three spots are stored as offset values relative to machine zero :slight_smile:

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No problem. Theres an option to lock the motors in Easel. I dont remember if it was in the settings menu or when you hit the “carve” button. I dont use my xcarve anymore so I cant check for you. Also, there is a way that involves opening the controller and changing the switches to lock the motors. There’s a topic in the forum about that on how is done. That’s what I did to mine and never had a problem again changing the bits .If I find it , I’ll send you the link!.

I found this youtube video on how to lock the motors. That’s pretty much how I did it! Give it a try!

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I have the G28.1 and G28 figured out for where I start most of my carves. Does G30.1 and G30 command give me another location to set and reference if I need a different location to use?

Yes. Did you try and see something different?


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Yes, G30 work exactly like G28, they do the same and together offer two independent parking spots.
G28 is the primary one and most often used in most PP´s.

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