How to use Last home position in Easel?

Hi, I want to know how to use last home position command in easel .
sometimes while carving if we get disconnect while mid carving or power down I need to continue carving
using last home position is this anyone have used this command in easel. can give me steps.

The only way to get an exact position returned after power loss is to:

  1. Use a 3 axis corner finder device - search for triquetra here on the forums.
  2. Use the G28.1 command to store coordinates, then G28 to return to the stored location
  3. Use the G30.1 command to store coordinates, then G30 to return to the stored location

Steps 2 & 3 require that you ‘home’ your machine first, then establish your X,Y,Z location, then issue the G28.1/G30.1 commands to store that location.

Search these forums, it’s been discussed before.

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Can I used G28 for work start point. Next time if want another point I will give another g28.1 any Ideas.
because some time I have disconnect issues and power cuts while carving I want material safe and carve complete.