How to use the tool sensor

Good morning,
I don’t quite understand how to use the tool sensor…
When is its thickness indicated? And where?
I just broke a tool…
My sensor is the “classic”: round, thickness 10mm.

Did you follow the steps in Easel?
Confirm position?
Probe plugged in?
Touch probe to tool to confirm contact is working, and get the green indicator?

When you run Easel setup, there is an Advanced Probe options button where you set the thickness of the probe.

To MarkA.Bachman:
Yes for all you questions !
To JustinBusby :
Where can I find " Advenced probe" ?


You have to re-run the Machine setup wizard.

Thank you,
I just fixed it.
But if a programmer reads me, I think it would be better if this parameter could be modified without going through the machine settings, simply by clicking on the probe before machining.

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I agree - being able to set the thickness of the probe on the fly would be a great feature.

It’s been requested numerous times.

@JeffTalbot @Zach_Kaplan any updates on accessing probe settings outside of the setup wizard?