How to wire power for 220v

I am trying to assemble this but I have a 220v country situation. I have a male converter for the two square american parts to the round european, but there is the third part of the american plug. It seems to be the ‘load’. Can I just ignore it, and just use green and white wires?


On the link you provide you have a Enclosed Power Supply. This power supply has a 115/220 volt option on the side. So just get a normal 3 pin lead. keep the plug that go’s into the wall socket and cut the female plug at the other end, leaving bare wires .The bare wires can then be used with the Enclosed Power Supply at 220 volts.

So I just use Neutral and Load? The tutorial says “Power in from outlet via power cord (shown on right) green is earth (ground), white is neutral, black is load”.

Yes, I figured it out by cutting a different wire. I am not used to these so I did not recognize there was an inset clip that was really a third wire. Thanks~!