How to write verticle

How do i get my font to write vertical/longways up and down? I am trying to write my words long way on a board and the only way that i have been able to do it is write on letter at a time, then align them and space them. There has to be a faster way


There isn’t a way using Easel? It seems like Easel lacks a lot.

I don’t use Easel much, but I don’t think so.

Easel makes it dead easy to get carving. I would say it is responsible for the explosion of people with hobby CNCs. I think it’d be a big ask to have it do everything a mature, full fledged vector graphics program can.

In my opinion, anyone who wants to design should learn some basics of design software. Inkscape is a perfect complement to a CNC.


I have Inskcape and CorelDraw. This is so basic i figured Easel would have it established in their software.

I jumped out to Easel and tried the following…
open a text window and then press “Enter” after each letter. This will cause the text to go vertical. However, you may not like the vertical spacing between each letter. You may need to move the letters around some but at least they should be aligned in the same column.

Other than that, you could use about any PC text program and grab a screenshot. Then use the image import to trace your text.


Another thing to do if you do not like the horizontal alignment after doing what @HarryC.Ragland mentioned is to select the text and open the Exploder App. Then import the exploded text back into your design, delete the original, select all of the letters, and then center-align them (or align them as you see fit).


Brandon Parker