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How to zero a circular piece

I have a circular cutting board that I would like to engrave a design dead center. The template on easel pro is preset as either a square or rectangle, how do I zero a circular piece so that I engrave dead center. I would also like to engrave a circular ring around the edge. I’m probably overthinking this.

Select all of your design, and then change the Center Position X, Y coordinates to (0, 0). When you Zero the X-Carve’s Work Home position, set it to the center of your circular stock.

There are many ways to find the center of the circular stock, but here are two methods. You can use the method I posted in this thread or you can make your own center-finder from this Easel model.


Brandon Parker

Move x to 0 and y to 0 and and position to the center.image image

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Brandon Parker

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