How useful is HSMAdvisor and similar speed calculators?


My xcarve is still travelling but it should arrive very soon… in the meantime I am trying to learn the Autodesk CAM plugin using common sense; I copied the configuration for the gcode from easel downloads and I usually try to copy the speed and cut depth from easel itself but I noticed a lot of buzz in the search results about Gwizard (this app looks like a mess) and hsmadvisor (feels professional in comparison).

Do people here use these kind of tools? or are they overkill in terms of hobby-like purposes? Any opinion?

You have to get your feeds and speeds somehow.

Easel lists a fair number of materials.

Or, just use the chipload formula and adapt it to the rigidity if your machine, the power of your spindle and your desired finish.

There have been various efforts at collecting feed and speed information for hobby-oriented machines — the X-Carve was based on the ShapeOko 2, and that information is still relevant: