How we can increase materials size in y axis in the same cnc machine

I have xcarve 500.500,and I want to carve wood more than 12" in y axis,how I can do that ,what is the best way to get carving

V carve has an option called tiling that will break a project into sections and generate tool paths for each of them. The trick is indexing them into the machine so they all line up when you run each section.

It works like this: You put the first 500mm section of a 1500mm piece into the machine with the rest hanging out of one end of the machine and run the first gcode file.(ie; Once that is cut the work piece is re-positioned with the center section now setting exactly in place of the first section and run the next file (ie; and so on.

To do something larger in the x plane is more difficult but possible with an assembly required afterward.

The biggest issue is getting it all to sit in exactly the right spot with each re-positioning of the work piece…

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