How will polycarbonate hold up?

I’d like to make a cutout on the edge of a fairly thin (maybe 1/8 inch) piece of polycarb. I know it can be prone to chipping and such. Any idea how it would hold up to an X-Carve?

@BartDring, @MichaelUna have you milled polycarbonate? Does it act like acrylic?

I mill it all the time. It will do fine. I prefer to use smaller bits like a 1/16 fishtail. This leaves less material in the groove that might reweld on the next pass.

Thanks Bart. I’ve only used a bandsaw on the stuff and this world of milling is totally new to me

The 1/16" fishtail works fine with the right feedrates, but you will get a better finish with an O-flute type endmill. I’m using an Onsrud 63-760,it’s a little pricey at $26. I’ve saved lots on time and materials because the bit doesn’t get warm as easily as the 1/16" and its designed for soft plastics like polycarb. It only produces chips!!!

Thanks Adam. The chipping is what I was worried about. Any tips for now to reduce that? I assume that’s what you mean by “it only produces chips?”

the bit produces a clean edge on the material. If you are getting a rough edge without any melting decrease your feedrate.