How will this cut turn out?

Hello. I am trying to make these coasters as a surprise for my girlfriend and is my first cut on my x-carve. When I do the detailed view it shows that it can cut it to all the depths selected with the 60 degree V bit. I assume something is wrong since they all look exactly the same no matter what depth I set it to. If I were to carve it would it look like the detailed view? Thank you for any help or guidance. I put a copy of the project below so that you all can look at it.

Mo from Inventables just answered this in a post from two days ago - here is the answer you are looking for:

They are not the same. If you zoom in close enough, you can see the deepest carve has some flat areas whereas the others do not. So…it’s a matter of personal taste if you want those in your carved design or not.

Awesome! Thank you for the explanation. I don’t think I will want those flat surfaces.

Thank you so much for such a clear and well done explanation. I really appreciate it. The community here is really awesome! :slight_smile:

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