How would I cut the outline of a section of a circle?

I’m building a circular table top out of wood using three 120-degree segments of a circle. In the past, I would have cut them using a table saw - and a lot of trial and error. I would think that the X-Carve should be able to cut these with perfection, every time, all day long. I’ve been trying to figure out how to design “pie slices” in easel for a couple of days and I’m stumped.

I have created circles in Easel, then overlaid zero-depth shapes to create the slice, but when I ask for an outline cut I only get the 120-degree arc of the circle, not the entire slice. If I set the circle to a fill cut, I lose the entire slice, but that’s the inside-out version of what I’m looking for. If I set the other shapes to cut outlines I end up with the entire circle.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but I can’t figure out what. Any ideas?

Wow, thank you. I guess my big learning for today is that it is time to get up to speed on sketch up.

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There is a short workflow (a little different than CAD) in Easel that may work for your project. Below is a GIF of it. The main take away here is to use the center and edge locations to align the shapes. Then rotate all the shapes together to get precise movements. Finally, use “combine” to add all the shapes together. Easel then treats this pie shape as a single object and you’ll be able switch to cutting the outline of the shape.

Here is the finished file:

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Thanks Andrew. I’ll give it a try.