How Would I Go About Carving This For My Son?

My son would like me to carve this album cover and he would like to paint it, but I am not sure of where to even begin. I am willing to get any software needed, as if I can change this and carve this, it will open other doors for me. Thanks for any help. Very new, but willing to learn!!

There is this software program called photovcarve. I’ve never used it. There are probably others that can do it too. I’d probably opt for something like photoshop or its free alternative Inkscape, but those involve a step learning curve. They have a tool that will surround shapes. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thank you.

How much detail do you want to keep?

I would hire out the vectorizing on It’s super-cheap < $15 probably for that image. Then you’ll have a very nice image to begin using in Easel to set it up for carving.