How would you paint this?

I’ve done a few test pieces like this with different spray can techniques and have been marginally successful. Paint seems to build up really easily on the letters, especially when trying to get the tight cutout areas. I’ve been trying to get as much coverage as possible painting from the backside so I don’t risk a run on the front.

Also, I find myself spraying very light coats from a longer then normal distance and it covers ok with no runs, but leaves a rough texture (you can see it in the picture). Steel wool after it dries helps but it catches and leaves all kinds of debris to clean up.

Just wondering if anyone has a better way.

Yes, 1/4" hardboard MDF. I started doing these in 1/4" ply but it warps really easily.

What kind of paint would you use? Something like interior wall paint? Craft acrylic? Finishing beyond spray paint and testors model paint is not a strong suit yet. I’ve been reading and watching tons of vids, but not the same as screwing it up yourself, lol.

I try to stay away from paint on mine, but usually 2 to 3 coats on both sides gets it done. They’re much easier to stain using a hot water tank pan.

2-3 coats of spray? Do you have any issue with too much buildup on the smaller surfaces? Also, what material are you making them from?

I’m not having an issue with buildup. I use 1/4" Birch Plywood.