How would you two side carve 2' x 2' panels?

I am working on partnering with someone to carve a game he designed/modified. I am using V-carve desktop (hence the 2’ x 2’ limit). I drill holes in the wasteboard for threaded inserts and then drill holes for screws to in the board to match the inserts. however there was a mismatch between the two side by about a quarter of an inch. I am doing it in V-carve because I will laser from graphics on there

The game involve cutting three panels with different parts. I am going to make several of these so I want to be able to make them as quick as possible. What is the best way to keep things aligned correctly and to quickly be able to cut it when cutting profiles from both sides?



How did you set your work zero?
I would think you’d be closer than 1/4". Are the holes symmetrical?

I set the work zero by homing them moving X & Y to a location 3/4" from each direction. I then zeroed the Z using my triquetra. I re-home and moved the bit back after each bit change and the flip. Prior to cutting the holes in the waster board I used two three inch pieces of wood to square the gantry.

As far as I could tell they were symmetrical.

Any chance you can share the file?

Here is a modified version I think would be fine to have. It contains all the through cuts.

partial_board_1.crv (6.1 MB)