Hurst pistol grip shift handles

Has anyone designed one? A friend asked if I could carve one out for him, and the flat side wouldnt be hard to design, but the drivers side with the thumb groove and all that I would struggle with. If anyone has the design, or know where I may be able to look, that would be awesome!

This one?

The wood part, yes. That is the style he wants made.

Looks like the files are there. You’ll need something to work with the 3d files. VCarve or Fusion maybe.

Full images are there, the grips themselves are not in the files. They are two separate pieces, so I would have to break them out of the images, and all that. Not sure I can

What software were you planning on using? If you’re doing any 3D modeling, getting a usable file shouldn’t be difficult with that model.

Hurst Shifter .ai (62.8 KB)
Hurst Shifter .pdf (60.4 KB)

I dont want to carve the whole shifter, just the handles. I will look this weekend and see what I can come up with.

@VonZipper27 What program are you using?

Aspire is what I would like to set it up in.

Not sure what Aspire can do, but this took 4 minutes in Fusion 360. (Trying to point out what the software is capable of)
From the grabcad file linked above.
grip_LR.stl (2.1 MB)

Can aspire handle that STL?


Yes, I opened it and scaled it to size.

Share pics of the resulting carve.