Hvow to optimize/tune/adjust the X Carve?

Hi guys and gals!

So I have had my x Carve (1000) for about 6 months now, and have completed a number of projects, and gotten okay familiar withe the machine. Now I want to " go further", which means that I will have to tune/maintain the machine.
So my question is, how to I:

Adjust the precision of the machine?
Maintain/clean the machine?

Thanks alot for your time!


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Use the search button and you should find a great deal of information already on the forum.

With regard to keeping things clean:

Make up some very light plastic front, rear and side panels. Mine I made out of hollow core plastic (like ribbed cardboard, but its clear, light and quite strong & robust). I added a couple of light metal brackets which allow them to stick using the magnets I glued onto them. They’ll help contain the mess.

For the first several months, I simply stood at my machine and held the nozzle of a shop vac next to the tool bit. Hardly ideal, but pretty effective. Later, I cut a piece of ply with a hose fitting glued into it, to fit around the bottom of the spindle. Another piece of ply has a skirt made of rubber cut into strips. The upper piece is mounted to the machine, the lower piece is again held in place using magnets (see picture). The hose is held aloft by a noose in a piece of string hung from the ceiling.

It ain’t fancy, but it is highly effective…

There’s a bit on calibration at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Calibration_and_Squaring_the_Machine

For maintenance and cleaning it’s pretty straight-forward, video at: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Operating_Checklist#Maintenance

I have the Inventables Dust collection accessory, and find it to be highly effective unless the front edge is off the workpiece.