Hydro graphic fridge magnet

Hey everyone i just wanted to get some feed back on a project that i am working on

let me know what you think

the project is made out of red oak

then i embed a magnet on the back side and then i hydro dip graphics onto it over the wood grain

I think it came out really good


I love it! That piece satisfies both the tech geek and the outdoorsy redneckish parts of me. :smiley:



sweet man i like trying all different sorts of processes at once to see what i can come up with


Can you give any details on the hydro dip process?

I had a business go in down the street from me that used this process. But when I stopped in to check out, they were completely secretive and only gave very vague details. They seemed annoyed that I was even interested in the HOW. But they were more than ready for me to bring Everything in to them to have it done.

All I will say is they closed their doors in less than a year. I also had a conversation with their landlord, he informed me that he had been cutting the business a HUGE discount on the rent bc the business was a start up and the space had not been used in over ten years.


I tell you what its a supremely involved highly secret mind blowing better put down your beer for a second type of process putting a piece of film in the water and then dipping the part straight through it to transfer the ink to the piece

Lol I am kidding but that is basically the process I am not at all a master of this and actually this is my very first piece so I dont want to give you wrong info because really i didnt get it exactly right this time but I can tell you that i learned everything off of youtube there are all sorts of videos on the subject

But i tell you what i will let you know my process in great detail here in this thread once i have got a better handle on it

I am sorry i couldnt be of more help but i dont want to give you the wrong answers but I will show you if you follow this link to where i started my journey


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Appreciate that.

I figured it was pretty simple, that is why I was a little irritated with my local business. Now if I was a competitor to their business, now I would understand that. But I am not. I just wanted to know bc I was curious, I had not seen this process prior to them.

I will check out the info you provided.

Thanks again.


oh yeah man i am sure that there are trade secrets to get a perfect adhesion like water temp, applicator, etc. thats probably what they were protecting or they were just being stingy but i am going to do some trial and error on this and update ya

I’m gonna say Stingy. Lol. I had a funky feeling when I first walked in the door. Come to find out the owners lived two lots over from a rental property that I own. I never had issues with them, actually had never even met them, but when I realized who they were, I understood where the Funky Feeling was coming from. They had always seemed a little “Different” by my observations driving by their house. The lot between their property and my rental property is owned by my next door neighbor. After speaking with him, everything made since. So I just chalked it up to what it was and walked away. Figured someday I would come across someone else who could and would be willing to explain the process.

Thanks again.

I remember seeing a video a while back where they used spray paint to coat the top of the water, did some swirls, then dipped the object down through the spray paint. I’ve thought about doing it, but never with wood. If you keep going down this path, let me know how it works. :smile:


up through the material you say? do you have a link to the video that you where watching?

I got what your saying. Thanks.


here is a good video for you


Thanks for sharing. The process is pretty much how I presumed on one off items.

I like it