I actually carved things!

Well, I finally got my machine assembled and made a few things! I was easier than I thought, and now I’m hooked. I have a few more things ready to go in Easel to carve this weekend - some artsy stuff for the house, a flag, and a name puzzle for the kid.

First, for my Grinch-obsessed 4 year old - not for Christmas or anything, he just wanted to hang it in his room :slight_smile: This was v-carved in plywood.


Next, for my husband’s garage - he recently “forgot” to wear his safety glasses, and we had to go to Urgent Care to get a metal shard removed from his eyeball, so this is now hanging above his metal lathe.

And last,by request from a friend, a bottle opener. She tried to paint it to make it look “antique”, and I think it ended up looking weird, but the carving was great!



Great to see. Love the safety one.

All great projects. If this is what you as a new user can produce, I can’t wait to see what you make as a regular user.