I bought a used X-Carve 1000 and not sure if the drag chain is hooked up right on the lower side

Does anyone have some pictures of the drag chain on the side and the top. The top one
looks right but the side one doesn’t.
Im looking around for some pictures showing a side view of the drag chain on the side.
He has it going over the top of the stepper motor and will rub on the top of the stepper
motor looks like. This is the drag chain along the side of the table.

Looks like the drag chain should hook to the other side then it would be under the the stepper
motor or on the the one side of it. Im looking for some pictures of how it should be.

Here’s a picture for it…the drag chain should go under the stepper motor. It basically rests on the work bench.

Thanks, I guess this is why this guy gave up, didn’t have it put together right:)
I thought something didn’t look right. Yea looks like I have to reverse the ends.
I will have to take the wiring all out and do it all over on the side one. The top looks ok.
How can I attach a photo to my message in this forum?

No problem! I don’t know if you’ve reviewed the assembly instructions on the website, but here’s a link:


It might give you an idea if anything else was installed incorrectly.

His loss, your gain I guess. Set up is 98% good carving. Take your time at first and it saves a lot of headaches later

The track seem’s to be flip the wrong way.

If I try to bring it around under the the motor then it won’t roll out and roll up.

Yes it looks like I have to switch ends,

Man… I sure hope the guy did not give up the machine because of that…

It would make the drag chain more aerodynamic for when the guy was about to fling the machine across the room…


I am not sure you even have to rewire this. You might be able to just remove the last links in the drag chain on both sides, rotate the chain around how it is supposed to go and reclip the links back on… Might be worth a try.

In the drag chain instructions they have you remove these links (but don’t tell you how) when you are installing parts of the drag chain, see: http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/step03/

The way I removed these end links was to take the flat end micro screwdriver that came with the xcarve and using that to pry open the clips a little and then it popped off fairly easily.