I bought the X-Carve now what?

Hello Guys,

I finally got the guts to buy the X-carve. I am into drones and RC cars and I tinker with some woodworking. I bought everything you could buy including vectric Aspire. Is there any other accessories that I should be looking into or any other plans I should be making? Thanks, extreme noob here. Mechanically and technologically inclined though.

Read the many “getting started” posts…

Since you mentioned your into RC, I just cut some aluminum to make a new rear tire carrier for my scaler.

I used some scrap MDF to make dies and bent it to fit the shape I was after. (made a little mistake on the outer diameter).

Here it is brazed

…and mounted…


That’s awesome man, wow! I am no where near that in terms of being to conceptualize something then execute it like that. It’s probably just a lot of experience to get you to that point and I’m working on it

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that’s pretty slick!

You may want to consider a dust collector and a dust boot.(your machine will make one hell of a mess)
I have the Suckit dust boot and it is awesome.
The company’s ethics are just like Invenables. (top notch service)
You will also need tooling.
Check out Tools Today on the web. (great products)

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A good way to learn the software and the mill is to make your own clamps and tooling when you can. Most of this stuff is 2.5d and can be a good way to get started. Buy a cheap HDPE cutting board from Walmart. I found it’s great stuff to cut and learn on. It’s what all of my clamps and dustboot are made out of and was my first project. It’s worked great thus far. After I got that far, I cut some easy tabbed RC stands from birch ply. You can have my file if you want to check it out. This was all done in Librecad. It’s open source and has an install for any platform.


Source to my RC stands…