I can swim with the big fish now

Alright alright… it ain’t much but its my first carve ever! Got my Xcarve 2 weeks ago, and now she’s running …

Was going pretty well and then i could see (hear) the belts starting to slip so i stopped the carve… will fix that up tomorrow. (and about 20 other things…) :smiley:

“And so it begins…”


If you got the new Xcarve, the belt sleeves, if used, really hold the belt in place. I bought a set and replaced the heat shrink and electrical tape I had used with them and they are amazing. Just make sure they are put on right per the instructions and, if it’s not mentioned, they will slide all the way next to the belt clip which leaves almost no way for the belt to slip at the clips.

Make sure the belt clips are fully tightened into the extrusion channels as well. A fish scale really helps dialing in the tension of each belt.

Thanks Justin… I got the “2015” version with the upgrade package (Xcontroller, wide MakerSlide, etc)… unfortunately, no new belt clips. Will use zip ties and/or heat shrink for now.

Sounds like the clips would be worthy as well… will check to see if they are available to purchase.

$5 for 6, which covers all three belts.

The shipping cost don’t make them worth getting by themselves but if you’re ordering something else, a good addition.

Added to my cart. :slight_smile:

Would these replace the zip ties users mention to keep the belt tension? Would you still recommend using zip ties in addition to these? Asking because I just received my X-Carve 1000mm yesterday and will start the built later this evening, excited and nervous as well!

I like the heat shrink better than zip ties. It just looks better now my opinion and works great.

Welcome to XCARVE land… take your time building. Don’t try to do it all in one full sweep… Instructions are good but remind yourself that they are guides. Not always step by step. Loads of info on the forum. (and make sure you cut the stepper motors the right length…).I may or may not be totally speaking from experience. :slight_smile:


The belt sleeves from Inventables (standard with the new Xcarve) are all you need. It replaces heat shrink and zip ties.

The sleeve is a tapered design so when you pull it towards the belt clip, it is actually squeezing the belt together like a zip tie or heat shrink would.

They were incredibly easy to use and I’ve been able to tension all three belts without slipping at all.

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