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I do not display g-code in ugs platform

Hi everybody how are you.
I have a problem with the display of the g-code on the display screen in the UGS platform. The issue is that when importing the g-gode in the software it appears to me but intermittently, that is to say it appears and disappears constantly from the display and even when it starts to do the machining and it makes me impossible to see where it goes …
My computer has a 64-bit win 7 with updated java 8. In order to see if someone can lend me a hand, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks and greetings to all.

Did you click on the command table button next to the console button? That should show gcode as it is being run. I’m not sure if this is in every ugs version, as I use the classic one.

Hi !! Well, the version I’m talking about is the last one that came out, the platform 2.0 nightly version

I opted to use the classic version because it was bug free. There are fewer bells and whistles, but it gets the job done.

In that matter, if I agree with you, since we are in test mode, the idea is that it has a matrix machining mode and I found it interesting to use it. Anyway, greetings friend