I do not want to return to 0,0 after carve

I’d like to have the machine “get out of the way” at the end of a carve instead of going back to 0,0.

I imported a DXF, generated the g-code, exported the code, edited the code to change the last G0 to be NOT 0,0.

When I import that modified g-code it looks good except that it appears Easel adds back a go to 0,0 (but it isn’t in the redownloaded g-code).
See the picture below. I want the program to stop at 0,20.
Easel is adding the drop down and return to 0,0 after the g-code runs?

Is this simply the default last step of Easel and it can’t be overridden?

Additionally, I tried to override the start height above the workpiece. It looks like Easel has the path go down to its default and then my g-code takes over. Why is the start and finish travels hard-coded?

Given the above code I would expect the following:

After I have done all the steps of Easel prep, including z-probe, and have clicked start carve:

  1. The bit would directly rise from the post z-probe 0,0,? to 1" above the work piece.
  2. The bit quick travels to 3,2,1.
  3. The bit slow drops to 3,2,-0.1.
  4. The bit slow cuts to 6,2,0-.1. <- NOTE that I messed up and line 6 should be G1 not G0.
  5. The bit slow rises to 6,2,1.
  6. The bit quick travels to 0,20,1.

What appears to happen:
A. The bit slow drops to 0,0,0.15 (the Easel default over workpiece height)
then 1-6
B. The bit drops to 0,20,0.15
C. The bit quick returns to 0,0,.15

I haven’t run this to test what really happens as I am not currently at my x-carve, but it appears to me to be the A 1-6 B C process not what I “coded”.

Do you have homing switches?

If so you can define parking spot G28 an G30 to wherever you’d like.
After carve, hit **G28" in Machine Inspector Console and bit will move to this predefined position.

I am using F360 for design and use a post processor for UGS that allow me to in CAM define retract point after completion of carve. Different senders may offer different ways to do similar stuff.