I fixed my new wide makerslide

I’ve had my new wide makerslide for a few weeks now… but something about it has been bugging me. While doing some cleaning & tightening this weekend i figured out what was wrong… and fixed it!

I placed the old maker slide in the picture to help you figure out what i did…


Am I missing something or you forgot to add more pictures? :flushed:

X marks the spot :smiley:

You guys making me feel older than I already am. :flushed::flushed: can’t see. Is this Sunday paper puzzle.

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I wrote “X-CARVE” on tape with a sharpie and stuck it to the MakerSlide :smile:

I’m just bitter… i was told that it would have the X-CARVE name on it when i ordered, but alas… Only people that buy the NEW full kit get the logo’d version.

When people are in my garage i’d rather have them ask “Whats an X-Carve?” then “What the hell is that contraption in the corner?”

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Aaahaha, now I got it. You should’ve put Z-Carve on it. :slight_smile:

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Just buy another xcarve to carve it on haha.

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Y not carve a new inv logo and glue it on?
You DO have a cnc!!!

Same I just finished putting the wide makerslide on and already miss having that decal on it, but boy was it worth upgrading to that single makerslide.

Or just cut a logo out of gold leaf and then you wil have a “gold edition” xcarve !