I freakin give up! Now oramask screws up 20 hours worth of work!

Peel it off after the paint is dry, and it leaves this yellow scattered everywhere. Doesn’t sand off, doesn’t wipe off with mineral spirits. 20 freakin hours down the drain.

What type of paint and which version of oramask?

813 and rustoleum 2x. It has never done this before in the short time I’ve used it. Paint had dried a week before I put the mask on too.

I’d think that too if it wasn’t for the way the back of the oramask feels. In the spots where it peeled cleanly it feels sticky still. The spots where the yellow is it’s more smooth and way less sticky, even thought the yellow spots don’t feel sticky themselves.

Is it sticky on the surface? Maybe try like Goo Gone if it’s the Oramask adhesive?

The Goo Gone will probably take the paint off too. Try a heat gun should soften the adhesive. How long was the mask on?

Maybe adhesive remover

Tried everything listed above but goo gone and heat. Paint thinner doesn’t do anything, and sanding the spots don’t do anything. It doesn’t feel sticky at all.