I got the dewalt 611 mount and router. Installed. Now my z axis won't move

I got everythin installed the way it should be. Got all my v wheels the way they should be per instructions. And now my z axis won’t move. When it’s plugged into the computer and I try and move it that way it just sputters. When it’s unplugged I can get it to move with my hand but it’s really really hard

Either touching somewhere or you tight Vwhells too much. Make it less hard. (Not loose)

i had to turn my voltage up

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How do I do that. On the g shield? How much ? Thanks

Nothing seems to b touching. I’ve been messin with The wheels that have the ajustable nuts and when I make them loos enough for it to move up and down the whole mount gets too loose. When I tighten them just to where the mount is rigid I can’t move it. It’s weird.

Do you think Dewalt head touching to Motor Plate. Because we all shaved that plastic edge.

I didn’t have to. It seem to for right in perfect. I’ve read a bunch of other people saying the same thing recently. I think I need to turn up the power for the motor. (That’s what I’ve read a couple places) but I don’t know how to do that.

Here you go Matt, this will walk you through it