I gots Question

I gots a question, Why ain’t all these other questions being answered?, I see questions dating back to 2017, never answered. Where yall at?

What’s your question??


This is a community driven forum, it is what people bring into it.

If a question is unanswered its mainly because either the intent/question/goal wasnt clear, posted under a title that had insufficient information or misleading wording.
A lot of “How to…” threads could also be typed into the Search field instead.

However - if one post a question, with some specific questions that people readily can understand answers will follow.

For instance, if a topic is posted like “Machine wont make cash” and the question is “Can anyone make me a model I can carve to make cash” not many aswers will follow, its too open ended and assume “we” do the work.

On the other hand if one ask something in the line of:
“I am trying to make this piece of wood into that, and am struggling to get past this/that hurdle”
Then its much easier for us to provide specific and relevant replies, helping you to make progress.

On a side note, there are a few older threads that appear incomprehensive/broken in communication. That is because a few earlier members left the forum and demanded their posts to be deleted in the process.