I guess I should have asked this sooner

I purchased a second machine this week as well as a new laptop to control it, but I failed to find out before hand if I could use the license on 2 different type machines at the same time? anyone?

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Easel pro unlimited cncs, unlimited computers all at the same exact time will ask run fine. You’re good to go :+1:

Thanks Seth, I have come to count on you for the right answers quickly.
one more unrelated, the new machine just has blank MDX for the spoilboard.
is the file listed on grab cad what I need to drill the support holes?

OK, i found the file but apparently spoilboard is a somewhat generic term.
on my Silverback it is the base of the work area and you can cut into it if not careful.
But on my Xcarve the base cant even be touched with the bit even with the long shat of the Dewalt 611 router bottomed out in the holder. In order to make my own spoilboard I’m going to have to build the base up by 3/4" then lay the spoilboard to be cut on top of that.

Heh, I’ve covered this a few months ago… :wink: you might want to give this video a watch… it points out the issue and how to easily fix it. :+1:

As for the X-Carve Post Nov 2020 Wasteboard, you can cut replacement slats:

The Silverback (I have the 6060 btw) I’ve simply Double sided taped a second wasteboard atop the stock one, one that is smaller and that I can fully surface without leaving any LIP… then I also screw directly into it with wood screws… OR use double sided tape to hold down my workpiece, these methods aren’t for everybody though, so you might want to do somethimg else… Check out James Dean Designs on YouTube, he’s got a bunch of ideas for wasteboards on various cnc’s, including the ProverXL from sainsmart, it’s nearly identical to the Silverback (made in the same factory)

Seth, thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
Unfortunately patience is not my strong suit so I used an alternative methode that I think should work.

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that particle board is going to be hell to surface flat and make parallel to the spindle’s plane of movement across X,Y plane… and the particle board is worse on bits, dulling the tip (as they cut through the workpiece and into the wasteboard) so the bits will dull sooner than with MDF. Sooo once you decide to replace, I suggest tossing MDF on there instead of Particle Board next time.

That was my original plane but when i arrived at Home Depot they informed me that they did not have the 3/4" MDF that I had ordered and paid for.

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