I had an "IDEA" :)

So I bought a large roll of LED lights for another project, but still had some left over. Then I had an “IDEA” (actually I saw it online a few years ago made out of wood and never got around to it). What do you do with some project (EVA) foam, a string of LED’s and some wire and an X-Carve? Check this out & yes it’s just a couple of sheets of black and white wacky foam from the craft store


That’s a great"idea" … totally stealing it … :slight_smile:


That’s kinda cool

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This was the project I actually bought the lights for, but had no need to use the x-carve for it :frowning:. Needed some light weight really bright lights for my Saban 360 scanner and the studio lights are just to big and hot. I was speaking with a professional photographer that was snapping some opening shots of my venue with this lightweight LED setup, needless to say I have other places to spend a thousand dollars :slight_smile: So I made the same one, not as professional looking but same 6000k temp light, battery operated and matches every spec (can’t actually see how bright in the photo, but take my word on it!) for about $40 with rechargeable battery! Make Stuff !!!


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When is your 360 scanner going to hit the market?

Going slow but I’m getting there (real life work keeps getting in the way). I want to make sure it’s perfect before moving fwd, there’s to many false promises in the scanner market as it is.