I had an issue with z cut

I just encountered a new issue that has popped up. So on a few of the cuts that I was running, the engraving suddenly seemed like it wasnt cutting as deep as it should. It also did it with a non-v bit where magnet holes were off by .03 or .04 of an inch. It isnt always the biggest deal but on the engraving, it is noticeable. I will try to post a photo of it once I get a chance.

With this carve, it carved the first dozen letters perfectly fine, then went and carved more of the work piece then went back to do the rest of the letters and it is noticeably off from what it should have been. I am using easel pro, I do have my wood set as walnut even though I am cutting aromatic cedar, and it was sufficiently clamped. Clearly, where the text ended up being off was when the machine shifted to cut other stuff the return to cut R HUNTER, and didn’t cut to the right depth. The carve was about 53 minutes and the enclosure can get a little warm, but the it only did it with the z axis, the rest of the carve was perfectly fine.

Is it possible that the machine got too hot for the z axis and thermal overload caused the z axis to not go back to the right position or is it that there wasnt enough power going to z axis? My pots were pretty well dialed in and I haven’t had that many issues. Due to the close placement of the letters (maybe 3 inches,) I don’t understand why it would go and cut more of the design then come back and cut the rest off by a noticeable amount. I mean, world was cut nice deep and clear, I dont understand why R HUNTER wouldnt be. I really need it to be consistent because I will be doing a resin inlay which will need to be sanded flat.

Any help I can get with this would be appreciated. I may adjust my pots a little to see if I can help it.

Possibly chect that the z pulley is tight on the screw.

I will check that. I think it is, It just struck me as strange that it would happen half way through.

EDIT: I checked it. It is nice and tight. I think I am going to give it a little more and watch it. I havent had too many issues with it prior to this. Its just annoying me.

It seems like the Z may have been losing steps. I’ve run into a similar situation in the past, and had the same puzzling thoughts as you’ve expressed. You might want to adjust the plunge and feed rates a little lower and see if it goes away.

and to answer your question, the random nature of toolpath orders in vcarve is a mystery to me, as well.

I resolved the issue. It was actually the x axis screws had come loose. it had a slight amount of play. And it must have really loosened up during the cut. thanks again.