I have disconnect issues during mid carve

X carve disconnect while mid carve I try in easel and UGS same problem mostly disconnect while job running If I switch on any light/bulb or fan in the same room its stop carving anyone have like this issue. I am thinking EMI anyone could you please give me any help about it want to know how solve and what is ground motor sheilds and what is EMI


EMI = Electro-Magnetic Interference. Grounding certain devices can sometimes remediate this issue. So can a Faraday cage in some cases.

Try a different USB cable. Get one that has braided shielding inside and ferrite beads on each end. It’s a cheap fix and a few people here have had luck with that in the past.

Thanks for reply can give me any picture USB cable which has braided shielding inside
anyone who used like this cable give me any Image here it will helpful to find.

Lights don’t make emi, unless they are fluorescent. Sounds like a power issue. Check the neutral power wires in you breaker box ( if unsure DON’T attempt ). If you have a anolog meter monitor you voltage while carving. Also check voltage neutral to ground, it should be “0”

Here’s one on Amazon, I recommend using the shortest cable possible. If your issue is EMI then this should help.

The description explains how it’s shielded. Most cables only have the foil shield.

Premium double-shielded cables with tinned copper braid and aluminum mylar foil and Ferrite chokes, feature twisted 28AWG data lines, and 24AWG power lines.

I replaced USB cable now I am carving without any disconnect issues. Thankyou very much

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