I have problems! please help?

I have a used x-carve 1000 with the gShield and Arduino. I bought the machine used and I added the Zero probe. But the machine seems to glitch out. It is not consistent. When carving a 1" circle 1/2" deep it keeps drifting in the Y-axis, for every depth pass in in Z-axis. It keeps inline on the x. When the carve is finished the (0,0) start has also moved in the y-axis as show in pics below. Please Help!!!

May have a loose belt or pulley. That’s where I would start looking.

I have checked for loose wires and cant find any.

there is only 3 belt correct? … all three seem tight and it does not seem to hop and this does not happen consistently… some cut are great and then this??

Start with the mechanical. Check v wheels and belts. Make sure everything is tight. Go back to the instructions for putting the Wheels and belts on and review how to setup the machine. Don’t skip any steps. Also here is a video to square your machine. Once done go to the software and again check everything. Customer support can help also.

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I did that and also used your video to square the machine… the wheels in the bottom are finger tight and the belts make a twang noise…
(ps… thanks for the great videos !! they have helped a lot!)

Did you gentle pull on each wire when you were checking for loose connections?

If some cuts are great and others are not then it is even harder to find and would indicate a intermittent problem. Those are the hardest to find

yes…I pulled and found one a loose wire (fixed it)… was hoping that was it but still stepping.
I also replace the usb cable thinking it might have a kink… still stepping. I opened the top box with the bun fan on it… I did not see any brown makes on the boards…

How about missing teeth on the belts?

I agree so so frustrating. I was so excited to get this machine and have my 4Hs start working. But I can trust it to cut a project correct… it has destroyed many projects so far!

I will check the teeth when I get home!
Are the blinking blue and green light supposed to be consistent with the head movement?

I do not have those lights. I have the xcontroller

thanks so much for your prompt help! I will check out the missing teeth and let you know. I was hoping someone else has had this problem… and would I could get a magic answer… and be up and running!! LOL

do you know what it all takes to upgrade to the X-controller? I can’t find any info on that.

Call customer support and ask. They should be able to help with the upgrade. I do not know. I never had the old system.

Also how ridged is the gantry and the side rails? In the older machine I know that seemed to be a big problem

Just by chance what size bit, how fast are you moving and how deep per pass?

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329.00 for the controller only 409.00 for the complete upgrade kit with controller and larger rails Z-probe etc.

1/8 and 1/4 bit with up cut at standard mdf speed set from inventable and half that speed on the second one… no change… still stepping

Looks like you are cutting plywood. What is the depth per pass looks pretty deep? Did you try slowing down a little and take a shallower cut? See what that does.Also i am running the older style like yours.

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