I have Questions

I have lots of question but I narrowed it down to these for now.

1000 vs 500, worth the extra money?

Outside overall size of the 1000?

Which dust shoe (a lot of choices)?

I purchased the 500 due to size constraints in my shop. There have been a few projects that I wished I had a larger work area. The incremental cost for the 1000 is really small, so unless you just do not have room go ahead and get the 1000. You will not need the full size all the time but will wish you had it when you do need it.

I modified the dust shoe design from @AlanDavis. (I changed it so that the upper and lower sections are held in place with magnets and the lower section does not need two sided carving). He has his design all laid out in Vcarve so it is very easy to modify (or just use it as is)

That is the difference between 500 and 1000. If you need bigger work space and you have small machine, you’re stock. If you have bigger machine and working with small parts, you still can use it. Money difference is cost less then upgrading when you decide to enlarge it.
For the dust shoe, yes my design have magnets as well.

I have the 1000, and I think it’s worth it. For the work I do most of the time, an ideal solution might be a 1000mm X, and a 500mm Y. I very rarely go back farther than perhaps 300mm anyway.

@DanBrown what is the overall dimension of the 1000, I need to see where it will fit.

I would have to go make exact measurements, but the entire thing will fit comfortably in a 4ft square. You will need to allocate a bit more room for the control unit, of course, or make plans to extend the wires and place it elsewhere.

Thanks, I keep having this vision of having to tell the wife she cant park in the garage anymore.

No worries, she can still park in the garage. Fido’s dog house, however… lol

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Don’t forget you are also going to need room for the dust collector, table saw, belt sander, sliding miter saw, router table, drill press, and auxiliary work bench.

@AllenMassey thanks, I guess I am back to telling her she cant park in the garage. wish me luck

Just tell her that parking outside is a small price to pay for all the fun you’ll have umm… nice things you will make.

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Sounds pretty legit to me. Remind me to add space for Fido, AND my shop. Wait… that’s just my shop with a doggy-bed and food dish added… Hmm…

You know that, she will be parking in the Garage. Wishing you luck. :laughing:

What? Why would anyone consider putting a car in a garage??? :smile:

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Are you claiming you understand the women…? If they want it, they get it.

She has control of the whole house doesnt she? Now she wants the garage too? WOW! :smiley:
Let her have the garage and just build a new shop.

The first machine i had was a shark piranha, it had a measly 10 x 13 cutting area.

When I ordered my x-carve, I went 1000mm and never regretted it one bit. I can, and often do work small but have the ability to go big if need be.

larger projects on small machines require the use of tileing or relocating the workpiece to cut the different sections. This leads to errors in workpiece placement, bit zeroing, and other hair removal inducing problems.

If you have a woodstove however, you would have the ability to generate alot of kindleing with a small machine…