I have some files that are supossed to be gcode. they have an ext of .tap how can I tell what they will cut. I gues what I am asking is there a way to visulize the file

table_1_250EndMill.tap (158.3 KB)

I use Camotics to view g-code.


Okay then my next question is how do I make sure the feeds and speed are going to work? I dont know what post processor it is set for. Or is there something I can open it in to manipulate the material thickness and speeds?

You can use any text editor. Feedrates are easy to change. Material thickness is a different story…not impossible, but very difficult.

Ok, I ran the file last night in easel the feed rate and cut depth were both to fast. I would like to cut them both by half, but have no clue what i am looking for in the code.

Depth of cut is difficult to edit in a text file…adding additional passes will require a huge undertaking (depending on the piece being cut).

Changing feedrate is as simple as finding the FXXX (where X is the value of inches or mm per minute) and replacing all instances with your new feedrate.












So lines 6 & 7 are feed rates, it looks like the one I need to change is line 7 and then do the same through the whole file

List of free/opensource previewing programs here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Previewing_G-Code

thanks, I reduced the speed and it made a big difference.