I left the power supply on for three days and now the machine isn't working

I rebooted the PC, turned off the power supply, checked the USB, disassempled the power unit and checked and rechecked the connections and the gshield, all lights and the fan works, the PC recognizes the usb connection, I redid the initial set up and the motors will not respond X Y or Z. I hope I didn’t fry something. I have just finally got the thing working smooth…HELP!!!

Do you have a mutlimeter?

Yes, But knowing how to use it correctly is another story.

All I want to know right now is if you set it to DC voltage and probe your supply’s output if you’re getting 24V

My understanding is that when off, the motors are at an at-rest state. When on, the motors are engaged, which is why they can’t be moved manually when the power is on. Could have burned out the motors?

Can you move anything manually when the power is on?

That’s only true if op changed the grbl motor release value to 255.

The Harbor Frieght freebie of a multimeter went in the garbage since it was junk. I was unable to test. Will buy a real one today. When the power is on, the motors do not move maunally. With the power off they move and they also cause the lights on the g shield to light up when they are moved maunally which, to me, would indicate that they are not fried. I will repost once I get my hands on a voltmeter that works.

Too bad. Have several top of the line multimeters that I use for bench work. Still every time I go to Harbor Freight I use a coupon for either a free meter or screwdrivers. Picked up two yesterday just because I could. I give them away. Yes they are cheap, more difficult to select the correct settings, easy to fry if you’re not paying attention. But free is free and are the meters are fine for ballpark DC, wall voltage and simple continuity. I wouldn’t trust one to measure the difference between something like 23.8V and 24.5V but to see if you have about 24V they’re good enough.

OK. The output is measuring 24.3 V. I am going to try to reinstall the drivers now.

After I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver…BOOM! It works. Thanks everyone.


Do you happen to use a usb hub?

No HUB, just plugged directly into my laptop.