I’m new to this

Hello everyone! I have been doing some research on the X carve. A little background… I own a DIY workshop. I’ve been ordering some custom signs from a different company to use. When I came across this, I thought it may be a good investment to have in my shop. However, after looking at it all… I’m kind of intimidated and not sure it’s easy to use. Would you recommend this for someone who has zero experience or knowledge with CNC machines?

It is not as bad as you might think. I was the same way but if you can invest some time into learning you will be suprised. Start out learning Easel and you will see how easy it can be. PapPaws workshop has a lot of vids to help the beginner and get you started. From there it is all up to you. There is plenty of help right here if needed.


I was the same way when I got mine. Easel is easy to use and Papas workshop videos will help you a lot.

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If one wants to use a cnc router, you have to start somewhere. I built my first machine from hardware store materials about 15 years ago before kits were available. This machine is well engineered and affordable. It can do a lot of things. Down the road you may want to upgrade some parts if you find you may need or want to. The Easel software appears to be pretty straightforward and intuitive from what I’ve seen, compared to other programs.

If you have a DIY workshop, you’re qualified. Many of us started with an Xcarve as their first CNC, myself included. Read this forum, watch the videos you find, you’ll do fine… And…this forum has some great folks ready to assist with any questions you may have. Some are even willing to chat via phone…just because they’re really really nice and like to help a fellow CNCer.



So here I am too I am new (french)
I did some stuff with my xcarve but I am very limited

I would like to do some kind of domino with engraved on animals
on a dimension of 8x8cm and I have not arrived
I do not know if the size of the bits are too big or I do not know what

I would like to learn but not speaking English it is very difficult with the translator …

Would someone have wanted for my project?
Thank you

Hi all. Also new to all of this. But I need some help please. I need to make a circle on outline. I do not want to change the size of it but th width of the cut. And now I am stuck.

Kevin, il y a beaucoup de personnes qui parlent français ici et sur d’autres forum de CNC donc c’est possible de répondre à tes questions. Tu peux aussi contacter les membres qui parlent français directement par messagerie personelle sur ce site, tu viendras à les connaîtres. Bien que j’ai un Shapeoko mais j’utilise Easel de temps à autre, si tu me contacte, j’essairai de répondre à tes questions spécifiques car les deux plateformes ont beaucoup en commun.