I’m now a waiting x carve owner

So I’ve talked the talk for a while saying I’m buying an x carve and today I have pulled the trigger and ordered the big boy.

The build is going to be fun but I get angry fast building ikea stuff so I think the kids might have to be out when I build it.

Need to get my fold away table built as the x carve will be living inside as there isn’t enough room in my workshop (shed) for it and I’d rather it be inside.

Just need to decide what to do with my current cnc machine. Do I keep it and maybe use it for small stuff or do I sell it


If you are using your equipment to make money, keep it. You can have two jobs running simultaneously.

If you are a hobbyist, sell it. You’ll have more workspace.

Oh, and patience is the word of the day. Build it right the first time, or you will have to take it apart to fix it.


it will take a while to get all your stuff. where is the ? 1drag chain2,tool kit, 3part tp 4mount rails no where to be found …good luck

I’m hoping to make a few ££ out of it over time to be honest that’s part of the reason behind buying it as with my small machine I’ve made a few little things here and there that sold at car boot sales or I’ve given to friends family and schools but I’ve been limited to a small scale 1 at a time run which for small items is painful.

Not expecting to make a huge amount but if it pays off the machine over a 12 month period or so I’ll be happy enough.

I’ll be reading the instructions, watching the videos and checking the parts list before I start building it.

Hoping as I’m buying locally from robosavvy who have it in stock in the UK that the lead time for delivery will be reduced to around 2 weeks or so but if it takes a while I can wait…

It’s been 24 hours already where is my machine!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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