I’m pretty giddy, my new X-Carve is enroute

Cannot contain myself! All but the waste board is delivering Monday. So much to do… table, enclosure, dust control? Better get my stuff together!!


wasteboard shmasteboard, Just wait till you get it moving. Yummmm, Theeeeeeeeen wait till it takes a nice bite of wood,:star_struck:


So since I’m waiting on the waste board, what could I pre-assemble? Or would it be better to follow the steps as they are in the instructions to avoid any confusion.

I thought I could for sure assemble the X-Controller… thoughts?

I’m in the same boat. I’ve received everything but the waste board. I’ve left everything boxed up so nothing gets lost. My waste board hasn’t shipped yet.

Yeah, I’ll probably do the same but dang I wanna get at this thing. Lol

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I assembled everything and added wasteboard afterwards. Had to look at CAD to make sure I put the bottom frame together with correct spacing so the wasteboard holes would line up but is doable.

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I didn’t wait on the wasteboard to begin assembling either. You can pretty much build the thing complete without it. The only minor thing is that you won’t have any of the t nuts for securing the board to the extrusions since they come with the wasteboard. But, all you have to do once it comes is take one end of the aluminum extrusions loose from the angle brackets on the base of the machine, and slide those into the slots. Then I just reattached the extrusions and squared everything up like Phil Johnson explains on his website,www.designsbyphil.com, and secured the wasteboard to the machine.

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Take your time and make sure to keep things square. Don’t worry about squaring your z until the wasteboard is installed.

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Well, this blows. :neutral_face:

Is this from Inventables?


I’m waiting on my wasteboard as well and I got the exact same email today. Highly frustrating.

WOW! Someone sure dropped the ball there! I would order my own and have them refund the cost. Seams like this is the rule now and not the exception.

Downloaded and saved! Thank you Sir!

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I’ll always love the sentance:

“Make sure not to over-tighten the assembly.”


I’m assembling the gantry and is says that for the adjustable V Wheels… I mean. What you or I think is tight can be a completely different thing. I attached the FIXED V Wheels and I think I got them right… they don’t spin freely but they are definitely not binding up. Should I tighten the adjustable v wheels the same, or should these spin freely?