I may be crazy, but

I may be experiencing some Mandela Effect false memories…

but was the Makerslide extrusion once available in like 1500 or 1800 mm?

i am considering chopping my x makerslide down to a narrower width, and making the Y axes longer, to be able to reconfigure my machine, and shop in general.

the regular extrusions are still available in the longer lengths, but the Makerslide isnt.

since I am already looking at adjusting the width of the X, could i instead use regular 40mm extrusions and switch to the openbuilds-style V wheels? or, build a stiffener/union plate to join two pieces of makerslide end-to-end?

having 48’ of cutting in one direction would really open up my capabilities.

Apparently it was.


One source in Europe who apparently still offer longer Makerslides:

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I’d have to contact them. it’s available in 2m lengths, but they can’t ship to me…

may look at some other extrusions. Cbeam is rad, and has some features i like…

screw drive is also in the queue

seems to me, with a connector plate utilizing several screws and Tnuts, on the inside and outside of the makerslide, you could attach two pieces together and keep get them trued up, especially with an integrated vertical stiffener.

basically I’m looking at a general overhaul of the machine, with deflection/flex reduced anywhere i can, and a change of geometry.

You are correct. When I bought my Shapeoko2, they were selling 1800 mm makerslide and I bought a pair of them. I figured someday they wouldn’t be available.

how would you guys go about the mods i’m considering?

i’m looking at possibly converting the x to screw drive, to get a little more strength out of the single stepper. the Y will likely stay belt driven for now, albeit with maybe 9mm belts.

Except, unless you can assure the ends are perfectly square cut and smoothed (highly doubtful IMO), you will probably experience bumps as the v-wheels traverse the joined ends. Maybe not a problem for some, but likely to cause issues for others. Just my 2 cents.

I started with the S2 and did all the upgrades to X carve. I had a bunch of extrusion left over from a failed S2 upgrade.

I used the extrusion under the table surface as a more rigid base. Previously I added the cnc4newbies z axis, and I just installed my riser plates today with stiffeners. I have to add the 9mm pulleys and belts that are here sitting, and that should make an improvement to the machine. If I can get the accuracy to +/- .005 I’ll be really happy. My other machine is driven by lead screws and 280 oz lb motors. It gets the job done. although a bit slower. I usually run it about 50 ipm.

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I’m actually very confident that I could get them cut square and true. I have a pretty advanced shop setup. And, given the fact that I can allow some room for adjustment in the union/stiffening plates I would feel fairly confident.

Have to wonder if the makerslide would be worth the effort tho, if the 20x60 extrusions I pictured above would be stronger in the long run

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That’s good to hear Christopher. But others will not be so skilled, hence my warning is still valid I think. Doubtful “off-the-shelf” makerslides from Inventables will be square cut. None of mine were, and I have both 500mm and 1000mm ones here.

All the best with your build,

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Still thinking that a continuous extrusion would be preferAble, no doubt.

Not above combining extrusions, either. A longer makerslide would just prevent a carriage redesign

What about open rail linear rail attached to long lengths of “regular” extrusion for your Y axis? That comes in 1500mm lengths.

Also within the realm of possibility