I need a good tutoral video on The software part! PLEASE HELP

My Arduino is downloaded, my V-carve pro hard ware is setup, My universal g-code is downloaded. I need help. There must be a good tutorial video out there. I cannot find it. Need to get this going. New to this . Thanks Sam

Have you checked youtube? Tons of vids on there.

@SamuelGilles have you first tried making a few things in Easel? If you are new to this you might want to start there to get the hang of the machine. Adding V-Carve Pro adds capability but also adds complexity.

There are also lots of projects here that have tutorials and videos you can watch and read.

Also I just added g-code import support in Easel for you so you don’t need to use UGCS if you don’t want to.

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Where is it? I don’t see it…

It’s an early access feature we are testing out. Folks are learning about it and requesting access here. I just added you so you don’t have to request access again.


Not video, but tutorials are here:


Or here is a video tutorial:

Hey Zach, I have already made a couple things with easel. Just trying to get my v-carve pro working. How do I get my ardunio, v-carve pro and universal g code sender to talk to eachother and run. All of them are now on my computer but how do I link them up. I am alittle frustrated. Please help. Thanks Samuel Gilles.

Read this thread and see if it helps:

@SamuelGilles I just enabled gcode sending for you in Easel. You can send gcode created in VCarve pro from the file menu in Easel.

It will automatically handle all the connection issues. If you want to learn how to do it follow the post @larrym sent.

I have literally spent hours trying to get gcode from aspire sent to the X-Carve with nothing but frustration. I’ve had to walk away about 8-10 times so clear the head. I have managed to get it to start carving a 3D design once but my computer went to sleep causing it to stop. After that, it just got worse with having problems.

Please sign me up for the Easel gcode sending. It boggles my mind that Aspire doesn’t just “speak” to machines for the price of the software. Gcode sending needs a better UI overall. Easel is the answer but I need 3D carving features.

You have access. It’s in the import button.

@Zach_Kaplan Thank you for the activation. Is this a V-Carve Pro support only as far as Vectric currently? I used Aspire to create a rough cut and a finish cut for a 3D object. The roughing went great, but the finish pass was dead in the water. I had to use gcode to get any response out of the finish cut gcode.

The post processor we posted should work with all Vectric products. Can you send the g-code to help@inventables.com

Hi Sam

I have produced a few videos that may help. If you take a look at this one first:

It describes how you set things up to process VCarve Pro files. I have also shown a lot more VCarve Pro work in my later videos so check out my New Brit Workshop channel.

Good luck.


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Great video - thanks it got me started.

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Few videos out there. My favorite way to use the XC is to design on Sketch-up. Send to to V-carve (drag and drop). Create the gcode and use chillipeppr as my sender. Been doing this since last summer with little to no problems.