I need help adding a laser?

Any advice on the easiest way to add a laser and the best way to operate it. I have a Camaster Stinger and use V-Carve Pro and WinCNC is my post. I don’t want any kits and things to fuss with. The very fastest simplest option, I don’t mind paying more for it.

This pretty much eliminates all options at this time unless you get a professional unit.

Maybe this?

That’s what I figured, but I hoped things had changed. I large enough laser for my needs would be costly right now.

Any idea what the best option is for these add on kits?

It depends on what you want to do.

There are a lot of people that use the K40 CO2 laser that comes from China. My reading says that it’s a bit quirky, but if you don’t mind spending some time getting it working it’s not that expensive. It’s 40 watts and around $300 - $400 USD.

Much less power but adequate for engraving and image work are the JTech offerings. These units have a big following and there is a lot of support for them. They are in the 2 - 3.8 watt range and about the same money as the K40.

That pretty much exhausts my knowledge of what’s available, however, I’m sure there are other options.