I need help ASAP

My x-carve has sat since July of 1918 never turned on or tested. I developed severe health problems and back surgery on top of the cancer. I am good now, but I need help getting my system up and going.
If you would be willing to help me and live in the Memphis, west Tennessee area I would be willing to pay for your time. it would great if you came to my place and get this thing going, but I would come to you for some hands on instruction. Either way, I need help

Must be one of the originals. :wink:

Kidding aside, I’m glad to hear you’re doing better. If you don’t find someone local, this forum is a good place to ask questions.


What do I need to do to upgrade my unit to current standards.

Dont worry about that yet, get comfortable with your current setup first.
Then its easier to see what kind of upgrade path you may wish to take :slight_smile:

Do you have it assembled?

Ok, we need a starting point. You bought it new and assembled it? You have an xcontroller? What specific problems are you having? I’m very glad that you are doing better!

If you have one of the older models it will still should work. Do you know how to get it up and running and see if it moves as it should. There is plenty of help here to walk you thru any troubles you may have.

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It is assembled but never adjusted and tested. Don’t know what to do next

Get get s set up and runing

This may help

Thank you. It will help

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Once you adjust your V wheels and get your Z square to the table then just make sure your belts are adjusted correctly. When I first started I broke a couple belts because I had them to tight, but Steve Moloney sent me a video of his belts and mine have worked great ever since. You may want to order an extra belt just in case one does break. Anymore questions just ask, someone will be able to help. I’m all the way down in south Louisiana so that would be a far drive for you.

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good afternoon my name is johan I have 7 years of experience with cnc and I have one of the modified shapeoko and I would be attending free help to you but I live in Houston Texas if you have questions here I will be?

Russell. Thank you again. I will make the adjustments tomorrow and then set up computer. Thanks for your help

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Johan. Thanks you

Hang in there. I had my X-Carve 6 months before I had two strokes and a hert attack in Mar of this year. The X-Carve gave something other than staring out the window to do (and re-hab). it is worth whatever time you can give it…

Good Luck!

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How is everything going? Have you got your machine working?
Hope all is well with you

Lot of people have offered help. Have you been successful in getting up and running yet? A test carve perhaps? If so, how did it turn out? What other help do you need with getting up and running?

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Where do you live? It’s easier than you think

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I live in Mason, TN right outside Memphis