I need help with a sign

I need help with this project. A charity has asked me to do them a sign from there logo. I’ve created what i want in Easel BUT… I’ve done a cut line around the logo, however to import it in to easel i used Image trace and inverted it. This works great for the logo it self however it wants to carve the complete area which is not what i want at all.
Really i want the cut through line to “trim” the rest of the boarder.
I don’t really know how to use inkscape as i do most of my stuff in CAD. Signs outside of Easel aren’t something i generally do.


How do i explode the image so i can remove the parts outside the cut through line?


Got it. Started again and did it a different way. I converted the image to an SVG in inkscape. Put it in to easel, Used the offsetter tool to create the outline, deleted all the bits i didn’t want that the offsetter generated. Set the original svg to a depth of 0 then changed the offset line to fill with a depth of 4mm. Then i copied the offset line, changed it back to a line and increased the depth to cut though. Lined everything up and bingo!.


No, i don’t have a v bit. I’ll do the whole thing with a 1/8" two flute cutter. Unless i get adventurous and finaly try the 2 stage option and use a 1/4" then a 1/8"