I need more speed Scotty!

Hi all…

I’m just wondering, how do I make my machine cut faster? I watched a video or two of people’s machines cutting quickly with the 611. And by faster I mean, regardless of the settings I change in easel, the thing cuts at the same pace, not the router… but the stepper motors. I create a job, easel calculates like 7mins for the job… two hours later it finishes. So I assume my stepper motors are calibrated wrong or something?

Post your GRBL “$$” settings here.

In Easel, go to Machine -> Advanced and in the console window enter in “$$” and copy the list of values.

G’day Justin,

Thanx for the reply mate, I’m still trying to get use to the whole machine, so I have no doubt I have probably touched something that I shouldn’t have lol here are the values


I hope this is what shows the problem!!!


IIRC default for these are
$110-111 = 8000 (Max feed rate, mm/min)
$120-122 = 50 (Acceleration rate, mm/s2)

With $110-112 set to 500 (mm/min) your machine will never go any faster than that, regardless of your Easel defined cut rate :slight_smile:

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Xcarve defaults for $110 and $111 is 8000. $112 is 500.

$120 and $121 should be 500, $122 defaults to 50.

Your current values really make the machine slow. 500 mm/min (about 19.7 ipm) is probably 2-3 times slower than what Easel is configured for and then the really low acceleration just adds more time when cornering.

Thanks a great deal!!! This has really helped out!!! That worked a treat!


Thanks, that would explain why I nearly threw the thing out the window after watching everyone else ripped through their projects lol This changes the whole thing now!!!

Very much appreciated!!!

I was staring to rip what hair I had left out!!! lol now I know whats wrong… I can retain my small hair amount lol

CNC’s will provide ample chance for that! :wink:
Good thing this particular issue was easy to spot / rectify!

I don’t have a console window to type $$ what else can I do to get more speed?