I need some help

  1. I getting this mssge every time I load file:

ones it pass the file and here what it did cut:

Looks like you may have an invalid Grbl command in the gcode. What program (and post processor) are you using to generate the gocde?

I had same error message, because every time browsing and loading toolpath, I was checking visual. I started to close virtual screen before sending, open again after job start if I want to. Problem is gone. You may want to try, if you see message when visual screen open on background.

I’ll try to explain.
machine setup is great(belts, connections,…)
I just use VCarve pro and clip art that comes with.

there is my google drive, you can see pics of old cuts(wrong placement and broken bit because of wrong second cut start)
seahorse I posted before I did yesterday night and just now did again.
there is short videos as well.

today: same file first loaded with error screen and went ok from second try ( I closed everything and waited cpl seconds and powered all back and fresh start) you can see all on videos.
on last 2 minute left it went off the grid and higher as did yestrday but without cutting wood, just routing arround

3D horse.gcode (1.1 MB) 3D eagle.gcode (2.0 MB)

@AllenMassey here is files.
I know it’s not correct bit as now, but I did before with correct ones.