I need your experience for PMMA (plexiglas) cutting!

Hi there ! This is my first topic.

I want to make a Dust Shoe for my router mounted on my X-carve.

I made some try with a bit with 4 flute (bad idea), the plexyglas was molded.

After few reading I learned that an o’flute was needed to carve plastics.

OK this is the situation :

The router is a Dewalt D26200 (D611 for europe)
I have the tow stater kit of bits sales by inventable. (End mill kit and plastic mill).
My Plexiglas is 10mm thickness

I would like your opinion about the feed rate, plunge rate and depth by pass.

For the bit I think i will use the 1/8 2F straight (black ring).

Your answers are welcome.

Thank you in advance.


I always have good cut with single flute 1/8". Half of the bit size for depth, 75 ipm feedrate to leave area quikest possible. Router speed 1. Some plexiglases starts melting at the beginning plunch, I’d rather to use ramp plunch (I’m Vcarve user)

Thank you Alan, You’re right, with 1 Flute Bit the cut is really good. The problem as you explain is the plunch… An amount of plastic stay on the bit and the surface was melted by friction.

I think for plastic easel is not the best tool to carve. Vcarve is not free… I have to find a other sofware to drive my cnc.

The single flute is an Upcut ?? Is it a problem about the rotation of gantry ?

I will add some picture later. (The cuts was enought for my project. I was just a Dust Shoe).

Thank you again Alan.


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Upcut will be fine. There is a misunderstanding about downcut bits. You can’t use them for every material because giving sharp cut edges. Sometimes won’t work if chip-load is heavy. You’ll be fine. Just practice different feedrate until you get best result.

PMMA… Is that cast or ext? I’m sure you’re aware you need to be using cast for milling acrylic.

Hi everybody!

First all of you are right. I’m a nooby with easel and carving.

In fact, for the moment the cuts that I obtain are not perfect, but enought for my dustshoe.

I will make some test cut for a future project.

I have to search a doc or tutorial to use easel in good way.

This first post is good for me as a noobie, it’s good to know that we have a community to share a solve problems!

Thank you again!

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