I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE! Cut keeps offsetting on large cuts

I am having an issue where my x-carve is offsetting the cut on large cut items. It does not do it if I cut something small. Do you have any idea what this may be. I have attached pictures to help. Thanks in advance.

Did you do the calibration procedure on your XCarve? Also, did you ensure that it is square? And did you use BLUE LOCTITE on your set screws?

I just called support. Support said that I needed to turn up my Y-axis on my X-controller. I did this and it did not fix the problem but I left it turned up. I then tried turning up the X-axis and this fixed the problem. I am going to leave this post up in case anyone else has this issue. Thank You MarcCohen for your response.

This tuning of the X,Y,Z axis has been talked about all over the forums.
Glad you got it fixed.