I Only Changed My Router!, I'm stumped

My X-carve was working fine!! So much so that I burned out my router making signs and other goods for my daughters wedding.
I’ve checked every cable and connection, the only thing different is the change to easel where we don’t need the carve menu to jog.

Has this caused any issues for anyone? Grasping at straws.


Check your brushes

@RonaldMtpleasant I’m not sure you shared what your issue is.

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You’re right sorry about that, my issue is connecting. Everything was going great and now can’t connect at all, no settings changed.

Try disconnecting, restarting the computer, and reconnecting.
Do you get a tone when you plug in the USB cable?

I have disconnected and reconnected, the computer does see the USB when I plug in, I have even double checked and reinstalled the drivers and it still won’t connect.

I was carving when the router died, I made no other changes but the router. Stumped!!

Possible the port has changed… Can you manually enter the Com port?
Make sure everything is closed on computer except what you’re using to connect.
Do you have any other software to try to connect? Like Arduino, CNCjs, putty, UGS, etc. If so, close Easel and see if you can connect with one of those.

Hello you need help

While swapping out routers, did you accidentally push the e-stop button on your X-Controller?

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