I recently upgrade Makita spindle while carving edges not smooth

anyone have makita users I need help I did carving this composite with 2F straight cut bit and I have problems in edges not smooth/unsharp. I try everything like z axis and spindle is square and I try low depth per pass what could be another possible reasons which I get rid to solve the engraving affect I already did carving with very good affect while I have 400w quit cut spindle edges comes very sharp and smooth. now I have problems while upgrade. Thankyou

Makita user here - but I dont think this is a “Makita” issue, more a too high/low feed rate rpm-issue.
What speed setting on the Makita are you using, 1?
Feed rate?

I set 30 Inches/Min for carving 2 pass with .015 and on makita dial I set 2.5

Try speed setting 1, does this change anything for the cut quality?

Thankyou sir,
I will try decrease spindle speed

Any other mechanical problems because my cutting edges are rough and
broken so I can find out what cause have these effect in cutting.

I think main issue is too high rpm/too low feed rate. Plastic heat up and isn’t very tolerant to improper cut settings.

Try do job in one pass and with 1 flute bit.

My first impressions:

1: Dull bit
2: Since the cut is so shallow, use a downcut spiral instead of upcut spiral for better edge quality.
3: Feeds and Speeds

If I do single pass its leave a slight step between cuts with same bit 2F straight cut not at all in few letters like “M”

The bit using is brand new I did many cuts before very smooth with 2F straight cut bit that was 1.5 inch length. now this results comes with same bit but this bit is 1.77 inch overall length and I think bit flutes height is bigger. so I getting rough edges can give me any more suggestions any other bit can work for me or should need check any issue in machine like squaring in carriage etc.

Hi, can you have little time please help me could you try your machine carve on this ACP aluminium composite sheet which is mainly used in signage and elevations let is see what about edges because I already do lot of carving with stock quit cut DC 24w spindle with smooth and best carving edges. now when upgrade makita this problem I seen in cuts.

If have same problem in carving edges. than I am thinking go back to older quit cut DC spindle. but it is not so powerful.

I have hairy affect in first pass. cutting edge not smooth can have anyone give me any tips to solve.
I try also acrylic it also same first pass layer goes rough. I already try different bits and try different tool paths settings anyone have experience like this in give me any tips.