I swear I should know how to do this

I have a BMP file of a design hand-drawn and scanned, it was scanned with a ruler so I can preserve scale.

What I have NO idea how to do, as MSPaint, FastTone Image Viewer and several others don’t seem to allow, is how I can resize the image so that when I print it the drawing is to scale. Basically I want to be able to print it and if I put a ruler next to the picture of the ruler they are the same size so I know my drawing is to scale and can be cut out and used for a template.

Does anyone know of a software or some method to do this? It’s escaping me at the moment, but it shouldn’t be this hard.


If you want to pm me the image I’ll size it accordingly, but I have no idea how to do it using the programs you listed I’m afraid

Can you recommend software that can do this? I have about 100 hand-drawn designs I want to scan and store electronically, but I need to be able to re-print them at the correct scale.

I’m basically archiving 15+ years of custom knife designs, currently they’re all on paper in file folders, with all the storms and flooding of late I need to store them electronically.

Personally I would use Coreldraw for this, but that has been my go to graphics program for over 10 years. Really a free program (possibly gimp?) should be able to do the same thing I would.
Say your ruler in the pic is 12". Make a box or whatever shape 12" wide, and then drag to resize the picture until the ruler is the correct size (matches the box or whatever shape you made).
If you are stuck you can email them to me a few at a time and I’ll resize them and send them back. Obviously its probably better for you if you get a handle on doing it yourself, but the options there anyway

I use this to convert an image to SVG: https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-svg

Import into Easel, then resize accordingly.

i don’t want to convert to SVG

If using PAINT, when you go to print -> page setup, you can specify a scaling value.

I THINK this is what you are asking?

no, not quite.

I have 100+ drawings (knife designs) that I use as templates, these are on paper and stored in file folders. I have taken each, put it on a piece of paper (8.5x11) along with a ruler and scanned them.

When I print out any of my scans, the printout is slightly smaller, so a ruler laid out next to the ruler in the pic shows they are not the same size.

I need a way to open the picture, scale it so that 12" is 12" so that when I print it, it’s to the proper scale.

I’ve played with scanning settings, but regardless of scan or print settings, there’s a variation in size, so I need to find an app with a ruler that allows me to crop / scale the bmp file so the resulting printout is identical in size to my original.

Check your printer properties. I can print 'as in document" or “fit to page” When I use as in document it’s right on.

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I don’t suppose you have V-Carve? The new version allows you to do precisely this. Import that graphic scale it up, and create a PDF to scale, then print.

I have 9, yes, but haven’t installed, still using 8.5

Sounds like I need to upgrade tonight.


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I think Chris is onto something here. If you scan the image at letter size you’d get all 8.5x11 inches of it. If you try to print it, the printer driver will scale it to fit on the page accounting for the margins. This shrinks it just a little. There should be an option to print as-is or at 100% instead of best-fit or scaled to page. The wording varies depending on OS, versions, and printer, but it should be something like that.

Here is a summary of the other updates. The only downside so far is that I cannot figure out how to get my vector centering icons to display again. (Center, Center Vertical, Center Horizontal, etc.)